Hotel Revenue Management Services
We believe in “Selling the Right Room to the Right Client at the Right Moment and the Right Price. On the Right Distribution Channel with the best commission efficiency.” We will work as a part of your team and will take on the responsibilities of revenue management. We will be implementing proven methods, techniques and latest travel distribution knowledge which will help you outperform your competition and make you the leader in your local market. We will also help your hotel to reach its highest revenue potential.

Step 1 -Understanding Competition

We will sit together and try to evaluate all the competitive hotels and understand historical experiences with pricing strategies the hotel had used and outcome. This will help us understand your completion in depth.

Step 2 -Understanding Pricing Strategy of Competition

We will be going through all the pricing strategies your competition has been using and try to understand the nature of market we are competing in.

Step 3 -Understanding Distribution Strategy of Competition

We will be going through all the distribution channels your competition is using and try to understand their distribution strategy.

Step 4 -Make Pricing strategy of our own

Now that we will be well versed of our competition, we will be in a good position to make pricing strategy of our own and will be working closely with the hotel to draw out the final pricing strategy.

Step 5 -Create Demand calendar

For this, we will require the hotel to give us their historical data of previous years through which we will be figuring out all the booking trends in the market.

Step 6 -Market segmentation & forecasting

Now according to trends and data, we will be segmenting the market of the hotel and will make a forecasting report of the same for our follow-up.

Step 7 -Rate strategy sheet will be created every month

Now that we will have all the required data and strategy, we will be in a good position to make rate strategy sheet and this will be created every month. This is just a strategy sheet rates can differ to live situation of the hotel.

Step 8 -Updating of rates throughout distribution channels

Now that the rates are ready its time that we should upload them on different channels. We will be handling all your channels using a channel manager. Now we need to understand why a channel manager is important for hotels. (LINK to a blog.)

Step 9 -Online distribution strategy according to live situation

Now we all know this is like a battleground where the situation changes in no time. Hence, we should be always ready to change our strategy and rates at any point in time. Don’t worry we will be always alert and ready to shoot new strategies in no time.